Friday, July 15, 2011

5 Years Old.....Really?!?

WOW - it is so hard to believe that Tyler is 5 years old.  Time literally is flying by and while I miss those sweet, little, cuddly days I am equally excited that he is a healthy, vibrant, intelligent 5 year old little boy.  There is not a day that goes by that I am not amazed by what he has learned, what he says and just his all around awesomeness.  Here are some of your favorite things right now:

  • The Wii and DS in particular Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and Harry Potter
  • Movies:  anything that Sarah did not pick :)  but really you still like the westerns, you like anything black and white (you are an old soul so to speak) and you have gotten to the stage where you like movies with people rather than cartoons for the most part
  • Generally speaking, you are shy and like to not be the complete center of attention
  • You are so ready for kindergarten and cannot wait to get on that bus
  • You are still really, really sweet and caring
  • You love your sister more than she knows and you are a very protective big brother
  • Daddy is doing a good job teaching you how to be a loving husband one day since you make sure that you tell your sister and I at least once a day that we are beautiful and that you love us (one day a lady will be lucky to be yours)
  • You love to be a helper
  • You have mastered saying yes ma'am and no ma'am to get your way
  • We just signed you up for baseball this Fall will be your first experience with that
  • You know all your letters and sounds, just a step away from reading
  • Sleeping in your own bed all night is still a challenge but we are getting there
  • You love fireworks and anything explosive
  • Favorite Foods: any kind of fruit, peppers, cucumbers, corn, salmon, olives, rice and gum
  • Favorite Color: red
  • Eyes are turning green
  • You are almost 4 feet tall and 54 pounds
  • You are mature for your age as I hear this all the time
  • You are loved more than you could ever know
I am so blessed to watch you grow.  You are tender, quiet and loving.  I cannot wait to see how you change and grow this year as we embrace kindergarten and all it has to offer.  You, my dearest, are simply amazing and I love being your mother.  Thank you God for entrusting me with this truly wonderful little boy.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tyler's 5th Birthday Party

We had Tyler's party this weekend and just kept it low-key with his best friend, Caleb and two cousins, Dayton and Dalton and of course Sarah too.  We also had other family come over and celebrate all things Tyler.  We started the day at Monkey Joe's which is always a hit for the kids and the adults as well.  After a couple hours, we headed home for pizza, cake and presents.  We had a G.I. Joe party this year.  Not because he loves G.I. Joe, but it was on super clearance at Party City so it definitely took the cake this year.

Tyler got everything that he wanted and more.  I love that he identifies who the present is from and has to sit with that person to open the present.  He expresses his excitement with the gift, delivers a hug and then thanks the person for the present.  It is really sweet and totally unscripted by his parents for once.  I hope that he makes everyone feel as loved as he does from them.  Thanks to everyone who celebrated the day with us.  We love you all!

After everyone had left the house and T took the nap pictured above, we shared the following exchange:
T: "Mom, I don't really look 5"
Me: "Oh, honey, you won't be 5 until Wednesday"
T: Sigh.  "You mean after the party and everything, I am STILL 4?  I can't believe this."

Soon enough you will be 5!  Enjoy your days as much as I do!


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