Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bubbles Galore

We love bathtime in the Lackey house - it is about 20 minutes that my kids are contained and cannot get out. An absolute mandatory time for the kiddos! Sometimes we pitch a fit, sometimes we throw water balloons, sometimes we tinkle in the water but we never ever have a boring time. Here is a picture of a recent bathtime that we had - bubbles and bubbles and more bubbles. One HUGE mess to clean up but one elated little boy made it worth all of the 'bubble trouble'.

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Sarah Bug is One

We made it to a year. As a mother I feel a sense of accomplishment when we reach one year - we obviously did something right over the last year to make it this far. Sarah has been crying less, laughing more and growing into her personality a little more each day. She puts up a good fight with her brother and has a really strong will. We had our one year appointment at the pediatrician today and she checked out very well. She is a little over 20 pounds and 30 inches long, for those of you that know percentages - she is 41% for weight and 74% for height....maybe she will be a slim, tall one when she grows up! We have been having "episodes" with Sarah lately. Apparently, she is just a dramatic little girl but here is her latest trick. When she gets mad she has decided to hold her breath. Not just for a second, she plays out the full episode by turning blue, falling over, going limp, gives Chad and I a heart attack and after about 30-45 seconds finally takes a breath and starts audibly crying again. She has done this twice and each time is a little more dramatic. The doctor said that she is perfect, just has an attitude when she gets mad but hopefully by age 3 or so she will grow out of it. If this lasts for 3 years, I will look 60 by the time that I am 32. I love her to pieces but I really wish that she would be dramatic in another way....we will see how this develops!
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