Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Day of Preschool

This marks Sarah's first year of preschool and T's last.  It is so hard to believe that he will be going to kindergarten next year and just not a little boy anymore.  Something tugs on my heart with the disbelief that time is just flying by.  I love this age for both of them but I also get excited thinking about what lies ahead.  Anyhow, the first day of preschool was great - no trouble getting out of the car for either kiddo and they were beaming at the end of the day.  The second day was a little different with screaming, crying and all out lunging for the car when I was leaving.  I know that it will pass soon but it is so hard to pull away when they are visible shaken at the whole process.  To quote one of our favorite songs, "It won't be like this for day you'll drop her off and she won't even know your gone...".  I know that day is coming but for now I will just go with the feeling of being so loved that they want to stay with me :)

Happy 31st Chad

September is a celebration of Chad and all that he means to our family.  He turned 31 on the 5th and we had a very low key celebration - a little Mexican food, a little cake and a lot of fun.  T and Sarah both get super excited for birthdays.  They love the presents but the best thing is the excitement that they get from singing 'Happy Birthday' and telling the individual to make a wish.  Chad's birthday was no different.  We had a chocolate chip pie thanks to Gran and they sang, loud.

Chad, I hope this year is one of the best and all your wishes come true.  We love you!

It's OK to not do it all.

I had sort of a meltdown weekend over Sarah's birthday.  Things at Goog were crazy with 900 deadlines on the same day, presentations going awry, client expectations were more than ridiculous, the house was a mess and we had people coming for the party the next day, the kiddos were screaming and I realized that Chad and I had not really spent any time together in over a week.  So I turned to the most comforting thing at the moment, Dove chocolate.  A little bit of heaven in one pretty little blue foil wrapper with a "promise" on the inside.  When I opened the chocolate and read the message it simply said, "It's OK to not do it all".  I am not saying that I make life decisions based on the inner writings of a candy wrapper but for some reason I needed to read this at this time.  I put it on the fridge and calmly went about the rest of Friday and Saturday.

When Sunday rolled around and everything was cleaned up, Chad and I sat down and looked at everything that was going on at the moment.  It was always my plan to leave Google when Chad went back to a firm and that had happened months ago.  He is now stable in his job, the kids are stable in preschool and the Lackey's just don't operate smoothly unless something is changing.  So, I decided that it was time to pull the plug on Google.  After over 8 years at a great company, I am branching out on my own.  Taking some time for my kids, my husband and perhaps myself.  I am excited about the change but I would lie if I said that I wasn't a little nervous at the same time.

Google has always been a constant in our married life and a security blanket is something that is hard to let go.  I am at peace in my mind and heart with the decision, but in an unstable economic environment and always the inevitable that comes up it is just plain hard to pull the plug.  And, I also put the weight of my team at Google on my shoulders and just have to wonder what stresses will the incur when the person who has been there the longest is not there anymore.  Those things are yet to unfold but the future looks bright for the Lackey's and I am excited to end this chapter and begin another one.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Catching Up

Every day things happen and I think to myself, I should blog this, and then I never do.  So, today and this weekend I am going to play catch up and post the things that I have jotted down.  My goal is to publish this as a book at the end of each year and with two months left of 2010, I better get crackin'.


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