Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rockies Team Pictures

Tonight we had team pictures for the Rockies.  It was a cold, rainy and just plain nasty night.  Tyler knew that he did not have to play a game that night so when I told him to get dressed he had a meltdown, a complete meltdown.  After 20 minutes of sitting in a laundry basket crying  wailing we made it to the church for our pictures.  I just told him that when everyone else is so excited to play in the Spring to just remember the laundry basket and not to ask for us to sign up (not that I think that is even a worry at this point)!

Lucy Jane

Sarah loves Lucy Jane and I deeply wish that the feeling was mutual from Lucy’s side.  Lucy was our third cat and by far the tiniest animal that I have ever owned.  She fit in Chad’s shirt pocket when we brought her home and we nursed her with a little dropper for a couple weeks until she was old enough to eat.  She has always loved Chad and I but has equally hated noise and other people.  I think Lucy has been in a hibernating state since we had Tyler and then Sarah and now Mack and Molly have just put her into a tailspin.  Nonetheless, Sarah is in awe of this animal and here is a moment when Sarah actually caught Lucy to “play” with her.

Playing at Nana & Pop's Creek

Tyler and Sarah love playing in Nana & Pop’s creek.  There are all kinds of critters, plants, rocks and water – cold water.  Every time the kids are there for more than 20 minutes they are asking to go to the creek.  Tyler likes it more than Sarah but they both like to walk down there.  In fact, this was the first time that Tyler coaxed Sarah to walk in the creek for more than 5 steps.  And, when she got wet she still played which is unheard of for her!  It brings back so many memories of all the times that we played here as kids. We love to just be outside for a breath of fresh air and the feel of cold water in our toes.

When Did It Happen?

When did Sarah go from a baby to a little girl?  These pictures tell it all – no more baby in our house.  Just a genuine sassy little girl!


Sand Art

I always have these great ideas for doing projects with the kids after Tyler gets home from school.  Some days we actually end up doing a project and other days we just end up hanging on the couch depending on how busy school was that day.  Today, we decided to do sand art.  The kids loved it and really concentrated on what they were doing.  We made bracelets, bottles, necklaces and a gigantic mess.  I am pretty sure that I will be cleaning up sand for a loooonnnngggg time but they had fun and that is all that matters.

Just Loving Life...

I adore my family and these two provide me with endless smiles....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Weekend with Hunni-Bear

Tyler was beyond excited to be chosen to bring home Hunni Bear.  The coveted little bear is from Miss Hunnicutt and is awarded to one special student each week.  You get to bring Hunni Bear with you everywhere for the weekend and then get to be the special helper for the entire next week.  Tyler also got to take a book to share with the class and had to write a summary of the weekend.  Here is our summary:

I was so excited to have Hunni Bear spend the weekend with my family.  We all had a great weekend.  I let Hunni Bear hang out the sun roof with me and even sit on the roof of Mom’s car.  We went to my Nana & Pop’s house to spend the night on Friday.  They have a really big yard with a creek.  We got to take  Hunni Bear down to the creek to see the rocks, water and fish.  I had to wear my “creek boots” so I would not get all wet.  On Saturday, Hunni Bear played Indiana Jones with me on my fort.  We were really tired and went to bed early that night.  On Sunday, we went to church and then out to lunch.  After lunch, we went to my Gran & Papa’s house to play for the afternoon.  Hunni Bear and I played Indiana Jones with Papa (he was the bad guy)!  Thank you Hunni Bear for spending the weekend with me.  I loved having Hunni Bear this weekend and look forward to being Miss Hunnicutt’s helper this week!
Tyler Lackey

Have I mentioned that we are really loving Kindergarten now?!?


We Tyler decided that he was ready to try a sport this year so we chose baseball.  I told him that he could not play until he was 5 so the day after his birthday he was ready for sign-ups.  It did help that Dalton was also playing baseball and they had the opportunity to be on the same team so we went for it.  Tyler signed up for the Rockies through Hebron and enjoyed going to practice for the first couple times.  He did really well hitting the ball even from the coach’s pitches and has a pretty good aim when throwing the ball to another player or coach; however, the fielding is another issue.  Like all 5 year old ball players, there was a lot of dirt twirling, airplane pointing, arm swinging and just plain disinterest when he was stuck in the outfield. 

We were so excited for our first game (minus the fact that they chose royal purple for little boys to wear – not a popular color choice for them).  Tyler looked adorable in the uniform and he was so excited to see all the other players geared up and ready to go.  We had a successful first game and beat the other team to start our season off on the right foot.  When we were leaving, Tyler said that he had a great time and that baseball was fun.  Two days later we had another game to which Tyler exclaimed, “What?  You mean we have another game?  I thought that we just played one and then that was it.  I really didn’t know that I was signing up for so many of them.”  With 10 more games this season, the verdict is out on whether or not we will like it – regardless we will be there as part of the team.  Go Rockies!


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